Born in 2006 in the heart of Italy, Ergonbluenergy is a hi-tech company who made of development, design, construction and operation of renewable energy power plants its main business.

Since its foundation, Ergonbluenergy has constantly designed and implemented custom made solutions, tailored to customer needs, both in the Hydropower plants (HPP) sector and Photovoltaic plants (HPP) sector, generally under an EPC contract scheme. 

Our highly specialized and technical approach in delivering to each customer fully customized solutions and a 360-degrees service, starting from each project’s preliminary phases to final O&M support, is what truly distinguish our activity and offer on renewable energies’ marketplace.

Firmly believing in a new and more sustainable way of producing energy through clean natural sourches and strictly commited in the local community’s life, we costantly aim to an ethical behaviour and try to contribute to the economic development improving the quality of life of our workforce and their families as well as of the local community, rather than to be focused only on maximizing profits.

Our company rely on a team of highly competent and qualified experts under the leadership of managers with a solid track record in achieving results meeting client and company requirements.

Long-standing experience along with internal specialized skills developed in years of activity, allows the company to manage and control the complete range of activities to bring in operation HPP or PV plant, starting from the conceptual and feasibility studies up to the process design, execution design, components supply, installation, commissioning and O&M of the plant.

Regarding HPP projects, we hold a specific know-how in design and manufacture each component of the hydropower plant: from turbines to trash rack cleaning machines, gates, valves, Scada and PLC control system, etc.

In the PV plant sector, we developed extremely solid, long lasting and field proven supporting structures for the PV modules, easy to install in order to reduce installation timings and, at the same time, to increase the capability of withstanding very harsh weather conditions (1 mt of snow load with 140 km/h wind gusts) without transferring dangerous loads to the modules. Always in the PV plants sector, it was developed  an innovative antitheft alarm system, based on glass optical fiber sewn to PV modules, that dramatically reduces the false alarms that affect the O&M activities in other types of safety systems.

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