The Contractor will execute, through its technicians, the active monitoring on the control room and the remote control of the significant parameters of the plant (production, power, temperature, vibrations, alarms status, parameters trend …).

Plants are daily monitored and managed from remote by O&M technicians of the Control Room that daily interact with the Plant Manager and the On-site Personnel.

The Maintainers teams realize the daily operation activities (inspection, control and clean) and maintenance activities under Plant Manager and O&M Technician control and coordination.

Preventive Maintenance consist in monitoring and identifying all the events that can cause anomalies on the plant operation with the goal to quickly minimize the plant downtime and the consequent energy losses.

Every fault, anomaly, shutdown, customer inquiry or problem is taken over by the specialized staff which, from the analysis of the detected parameters and the historicity of events will perform the following activities (including but not limited to):

  • Understands the causes of the problem;

  • Rapidly resolves the problem;

  • Starting from the problem, innovates and develops new solutions in order to improve the plant and prevent it from recurring.

Ordinary maintenance activities mainly consist in a general daily inspection activity of the power plant, during the normal turbines operation, with the following main purposes:

  • Complete check of rotating machineries;

  • Check of oil and grease level, with eventual refilling to the nominal level

  • Check of the operational conditions of the hydro mechanical equipment

  • Check of the operational conditions of the intake area, sand traps, channels and in general the status of the civil works.


Every day the on-site staff will perform scheduled control tasks on the hydro power plant.Remote daily technical assistance gets active after the intervention requests of the on-site personnel or customer’s staff.The timing of intervention is classified according to the urgency of the request:

Not urgent and not hard problem         

    • request intervention via email, case examination within 1 day

Urgent and not hard problem

    • case examination within a few hours

Urgent and hard problem

    • immediate examination

On-site staff will immediately examine the problem.

Problem  solvable by on-site maintainers :

  • immediate resolution of the problem

Problem  not solvable by on-site maintainers :

  • immediate consultation with the remote assistance staff and activation of the procedures for the intervention of highly specialized technicians

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